About Our Company

KING & CLARK ELECTRIC – Is a licensed and insured full service electrical company in Layton, Utah offering residential and commercial electrical services. We treat every customer as a return customer and strive to keep you satisfied while doing quality electrical installations, repairs, and upgrades while keeping the prices fair.  Our electricians are fast, friendly, and do exceptional electrical work with the safest electrical products.


JUSTIN KING – Justin is a licensed Master Electrician and has done a lot of work in the commercial electrical field, building and remodeling schools, credit unions, office buildings, grocery stores, retail stores and multi-family homes from the ground up. He is great at troubleshooting and has a great memory that helps everyone involved. He has been a substitute teacher at a nearby Electrical School for the last 6 years and loves talking to and educating others. He is a “people person”.

BRADY CLARK- Brady is a licensed Journeyman Electrician who is very smart and knowledgeable in his field. He is experienced in commercial electrical installations such as new commercial builds and remodels including schools, credit unions, grocery stores, retail stores. Brady is also experienced in the residential electrical installations such as new home builds, remodels, property upgrades, and electrical systems. He is a get it done type of guy who catches onto ideas quickly. He is very confident in his abilities and takes pride and ownership in his work.

Justin & Brady have worked together in the electrical industry for many years and finally decided to strike out on their own in a 50/50 partnership after being sought after by many electrical companies to come and run their jobs. They both have a great work ethic and are the guys that everyone loves to work with.

Why Choose Us

We Are Honest, Reliable And Provide Quality Work At A Fair Price. We Strive To Treat Every Customer As Return Customer.