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Frequently Asked Questions

Electricity can be a bit of a mystery for most people. Considering how dangerous it can be, it is best to play it safe and call an electrician rather than go tinkering around with your electrical system. Here are some frequently asked questions along with a few short answers. This is not meant to be used as a troubleshooting guide, but more of some insight to your problem.

General Questions

There are multiple reasons your lights might be flickering, but some of the most common reasons are an overloaded circuit, loose neutral, poor termination, or aluminum branch circuit wiring which can be very dangerous. Please call your electrician.

Call an electrician soon. The more a breaker trips, the more likely it is to keep tripping and the weaker it becomes due to overload, short circuit, or a ground fault. You will probably need a new breaker and possibly a new panel.

When there is no more room for breakers or additional circuits. Also if you have an out of date Federal Pacific panel, from 1950’s-1980’s, as they can overheat and become fire hazards. Often times, they will not trip and the breakers will weld together instead of shutting down when needed.

You should replace an outlet if:

  • It only has 2 prongs rather than 3,
  • The faceplate is chipped, cracked, or broken,
  • It arcs when plugging in an appliance,
  • The outlet won’t give power, but other outlets do,
  • When a plug falls out or is loose when inserted,
  • When the outlet feels warm or has burn marks.

The UL seal means it is recognized as a universal safety standard and has been tested, deemed a safe product to use.

SERVICE Questions

Yes, we do have a service fee of $60-$200 (for a non-emergency) depending on diagnosis and location.

We offer a full range of services on residential, commercial buildings including new builds, remodels, upgrades, indoor/outdoor lighting, repairs, troubleshooting, safety checks, among many other services.

We service all of Northern Utah including: Davis County, Weber County, Morgan County, Summit County, Box Elder County, Cache County & Rich County. If you need service elsewhere, we may be able to accommodate.

We accept cash, check, and on the spot credit card. Our returned check fee is $50. Credit card fees are 3%.

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